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Flower Meanings


"Sending Smiles from Million Miles"

Acacia Flower


The Acacia flower represents love and beauty. Its primary definitions include the expression of a concealed love between two individuals as well as a chaste love that expresses a virginal commitment. In addition, the Acacia flower will add to the bouquet of an aging individual to remind them that, whilst exterior beauty may be fading, inner beauty will last forever. 
Alstroemeria Flower 


The Alstroemeria is actually a flower that is perennials, so they live for a long time. This flower is native to South America and there are over 120 species of it that are out there. This beautiful flowering plant really stands out and it looks great. You will find that most of these flowers are distinctly found in two different areas, one will be in the central area of Chile and the other is actually in eastern Brazil. This is a great flower that you will love the look of and that is beautiful and stands out. 
Ambrosia Flower


The Ambrosia flower is both dangerous and is beautiful, if you are interested in this great flower, you want to be sure that you are checking it out, there are a lot of unique features and a lot of great options for it. While this isn’t the most friendly flower out there for people, it is beautiful and that really makes it a desirable flower for a lot of different things. Be sure that you are looking into how this is grown, the features of it, and all the other things that will help you best understand this flower. 
Amaryllis Bloom


Also known as the 'Belladonna Lily', 'Naked Ladies' or even the 'Jersey Lily', this plant derived its name from a shepherdess in Virgil's Eclogies: 'Amarysso', which, when translated to English, means "to sparkle". Its floral definition therefore aptly includes Pastoral Poetry as well as Pride. 
Anemone Flower


Also called the 'Wind flower', the Anemone is one of the favourite flowers of Israel but has a floral definition with a somewhat darker meaning. It symbolises dying hope and is the embodiment of those who are forsaken. Yet all is not lost as this beautiful flower can also be used to indicate anticipation. 
Arbutus Branch


In its mature form, the Arbutus is Canada's only broadleaved evergreen tree. It makes for excellent fuel wood due to its ability to provide penetrating warmth that outlasts that of most other types of wood. This is reflected in its floral meaning of 'You are the only one Love'; a promise of something lasting, something warm. 
Aster Flower


The Aster is a flower that takes its name from the Greek 'astron' and the Latin 'astrum', both of which mean "star" - the shape of the flower's head. The floral meaning of this beautiful flower is used to denote something delicate and dainty and is also the official symbol of love. 
Azalea Plant


The beautiful Azalea flower, of which the bloom is celebrated by a number of U.S. states as well as Japan, has a number of significant meanings that illustrates a beautiful soft femininity. Its floral meanings include a request which implores a loved one to "take care of yourself, for me". The Chinese believe that the Azalea flower is symbolic of womanhood. 
Bachelor Button Flower

Bachelor Button

Also known as the Cornflower, Basket Flower, Bluebottle, Boutonniere flower and Hurtsickle, the Bachelor Button is a flower rich in tradition and folklore. It was originally worn by young bachelors as a sign of their impassioned feelings toward a member of the fairer sex. Should the flower keep its beauteous appeal for long, it was a sign that the love was true. Had the flower faded too quickly, however, the poor lad's love was often unrequited. Its floral symbolism is linked to single blessedness or as Shakespeare would have said, "the unmarried state". 
Begonia Plant


The term 'Begonia' was used to name a genus of flowers belonging to the family Begoniaceae by Charles Plumier, French patron of Botany. It was to honor Michel Michel Bégon, a previous governor of the Haiti French colony. In terms of meaning, however, the message this beautiful flower sends the recipient is to beware! 
Bells of Ireland Branch

Bells of Ireland

Also named by Carolus Linnaeus, the Bells of Ireland are, quite ironically not from Ireland, but native to the Caucasus, Turkey and Syria. These plants form part of the mint family and is said to have a scent very hard to describe. Irony aside though, these flowers are a wish of good luck to anyone who receives them. 
Bird of Paradise Flower

Bird of Paradise

 The Bird of Paradise is a more exotic plant that people really enjoy. This flower is native to South Africa and is very unique. People really like the bird of paradise because it is a very unique flower that has some amazing colors. This flower actually looks like a bird with the petals, which is why it is called the Bird of Paradise. 
Bittersweet Blossom


The bittersweet is actually a staff vine and is part of the genus Celastrus, which is part of 30 different species of vines and shrubs that are out there. These flowers are grown all over the eastern part of Asia, Australia, Africa, and throughout America. In the continent of North America, this is commonly known as the Bittersweet, but this can also be known as Staff Vines, just depending on where you are. This is a plant that has an interesting history and really stands out. 
Bluebell Flower


Also known as Calverkeys, Auld Man's Bell, English Bluebell, Jacinth, Ring-o'-Bells, Wilde Hyacinth and Wood Bells, the Bluebell is a flower that can often be found covering the ground in many European forests during spring. They are an endangered species in the United Kingdom. 
Cactus Plant


Derived from the Greek 'Kaktos' to originally name a species of spiny thistle, the Cactus plant is also known as 'Mother-in-law's Cushion' and therefore very aptly signifies endurance. Perhaps less related to its floral symbolism, yet still interesting, is the fact that the ancient Aztecs carried their human sacrifices out on these plants. Ouch! 
Calla Lily Flower

Calla Lily

Also known as an Arum lily the Calla lily is in fact not a true lily. It belongs to the family Araceae and is in fact extremely poisonous. Strangely enough, however, is its floral meaning of beauty, which could perhaps make this innocent flower with its long stem the femme fatal of all bouquet additions. 
Calendula Flower


The Calendula is a flower that is better known as the pot marigold. This flower is something that is related to the daisy and that can be figured out by looking at the plant. With the pot marigold, you get a plant that has the color of a marigold, but has the separate petals like a daisy. This is a beautiful flower. 
Camellia Plant


Named in honor of Jesuit botanist, Georg Joseph Kamel, this beautiful flower is native to eastern and southern Asia. The leaves of the Camellia sinensis species are used to make tea as well as tea oil which are used as a seasoning and cooking oil. 
Carnation Bloom


Known as 'Jove's Flower' in ancient Rome, the Carnation is a flower often worn on occasions such as Mother's Day and weddings. And appropriate to these occasions is the Carnation's general meaning of Feminine Love and fascination with all its associated affections on admiration and gratitude. 
Cattail Plant


Perhaps the perfect solution to a troublesome episode between two friends or two lovers, the Cattail represents peace and bestows a wish of prosperity on the recipient. 
Chrysanthemum Flower


The Chrysanthemum was first cultivated in China and then moved to Japan. The emperor was so taken with this flower that he adopted it as his royal seal, which is called “The Chrysanthemum Crest". In terms of floral meaning, the enchanting Chrysanthemum says "You are a good friend" and also signifies joviality as well as rest. 
Crocus Flower


Aside from one of its species being the source of the Saffron spice, the Crocus' name originates from the Greek 'krokos' which is also a term used for 'egg yolk' in the same language. It isn’t difficult to see that the Crocus represents cheerfulness, just like the sun. 
Cyclamen Plant


The cyclamen flower, also known as the sowbread, primrose (not related to the real primrose) and perhaps more confusingly, the Persian violet is in fact a poisonous flower with a meaning not for removed from its toxicity. As we all know, all good things must come to an end, and so this flower represents departure as well as a sorrowful resignation. 
Daffodil Flower


In ancient Greece there once lived a man named Narcissus who loved his own image perhaps a tad too much. Day after day he would stare at his own reflection in a pool until one day he fell in. Unfortunately he did not survive, yet from the shore next to his watery grave sprang a flower which today we name Narcissus, more commonly known as the Daffodil. It is indeed a flower of beauty, one with the apt meaning of unanswered love. Yet don't despair as, like a beautiful reflection, the opposite is true as well. This beautiful flower will make the perfect addition to any bouquet for those who wish to say... "There can never be anyone else" as well as "I admire you". 
Daisy Flower


The head of this flower opens in the morning and closes in the evening - it is thought that the word Daisy has been derived from the phrase "Day's Eye". This beautiful archetypal flower is the embodiment of purity and innocence, one that swears a loyalty to love and a commitment to a shared secrecy. Interestingly enough, Daisy is the Latin version of the girls name, Margaret. 
Dandelion Bloom


Despite a rather unflattering Latin name, Taraxacum, one cannot help but smile at the sight of this beautiful jovial flower. Its common name comes from the French 'dent de lion' which means 'lion's tooth'. As a gift to a loved one, the Dandelion will add a wish of happiness for the recipient and a promise of complete and utter faithfulness. 
Evening Primrose Flower

Evening Primrose

The Evening primrose is so called because its flowers open only in the evening. Like the common primrose, the Evening primrose is an edible plant where the shoots can be added to salads and the roots eaten as a vegetable. For those who put healthy eating first, the evening primrose seeds contain gamma-linolenic acid which is a rare essential fatty acid.
As for floral meaning, this flower represents inconstancy and may therefore make the perfect gift for those who seem to be constantly changing the color of their hair or their entire wardrobes. 
Fern Branch


Slavic folklore has it that Ferns bloom but once a year and are extremely difficult to find but those who do happen to cast their gaze on the fern flower will be in possession of lifelong happiness and riches. A beauteous green addition to any bouquet, in terms of symbolism, giving the Fern as a gift will bestow magic upon the recipient and provide shelter as well as confidence. The Fern has the additional meaning of fascination. 
Fir Branch


We all know Fir trees. In fact, most of us associate them with one of the happiest times of the year, as they represent the conventional Christmas tree. The needle-like foliage of this tree is aromatic and will add to the dulcet aromas of any bouquet as well as the texture. In terms of floral meanings, the Fir represents time, thus becoming one of the most important and precious gifts anyone will wish to receive. 
Flax Blossom


The Flax is the national flower of Belarus and represents the Irish national assembly. Its seeds have amazing medical benefits for those suffering from diabetes as well as cancer. Other parts of the plant can be used to make anything from fabric to dye and fishing nets. It is in fact the perfect representation of domestic life through its many uses, which is exactly what it means. 
Forget-Me-Not Flower


Upon a day, a lady and her gallant knight went for a stroll along the river bank where, appropriately, he picked her a posy of flowers. Yet unfortunately the weight of his armor got the better of him as he bent to pick a flower and he fell in the river. As the poor knight was drowning, he threw the posy still clutched in his hand to his lady love, shouting "Forget me not!" and was thereafter never seen again. This is but one tale associated with the name of this flower. Another legend points to baby Jesus sitting on the Virgin Mary's lap gazing into her eyes. So beautiful were they that he wished for all mankind to be able to see them in the centuries to come. With a touch of Her face and a wave of His arm, beautiful little flowers suddenly sprung everywhere. According to the more formal and rigid tradition of academics however, the name for this flower was first used in English in the year 1532 as a derivative of the old French "ne m'oubliez aps". As evidence of the enchanting legend associated with this little flower, it has taken the shape of true love and, needless to say, is the representation of fond memories. 
Forsythia Branch


Named after Scottish botanist William Forsyth, the Forsythia is best known through the children's game 'rabbit'. These elegant little yellow flowers represent the anticipation of an exciting moment. 
Gardenia Flower


Named after Scottish-born naturalist Dr. Alexander Garden by Carl Linnaeus, the Gardenia flowers are a popular bouquet flower due to their strong sweet scents. This flower is particularly difficult to grow due to its high demand in humidity, which means that it will make an exceptional gift especially when the intended message is one that says "You're lovely". The Gardenia is also a symbol of secret love, making it the perfect gift for the die-hard romantics among us - Romeo & Juliet. 
Geranium Blossom


It derives its name from the Greek 'geranós', meaning 'crane' due to the shape of the seed-heads. And although the flower can appear in an attractive pink, blue or white their floral meaning indicates stupidity and folly. Recipients of this flower should tread very carefully as they may have angered someone special in their lives. 
Gladioli Branch


Originally derived from the Latin 'gladius', meaning 'sword', these flowers are therefore also called the sword lily and is the official flower of the Gladiators. Should one of these be presented in a bouquet, be aware that the sender could have meant one of two things: sincerity or a certain degree of exasperation. From all of us, we do hope it is the former instead of the latter. 
Gloxinia Plant


An extremely beautiful show flower, the gloxinia's flowers can either be red, white, pink, blue or purple. It is a sensitive plant, affected by its environs and susceptible to stress and adverse conditions, thereby living up to its floral meaning of the gentility of love at first sight. 
Heather Flower


One of the more popular plants in landscaping, this beautiful flower has many uses. Among them we find the heather flower as a flavoring ingredient in beer during the middle ages. Heather honey is also a very popular food item especially in moor land and heath land areas. 
Heleconia Flower


The Heleconia is a flower that is better known as the lobster claw. This is a flower that is unique to the tropical parts of the Americas. This flower is very distinct in its shape and it looks like a lobster claw in the way that the flower comes together. You will find this flower in extremely bright colors that stand out. 
Holly Branch


While a number of species can be used for caffeine-rich herbal teas, we know the holly as a traditional Christmas decoration in wreaths. The wood of the holly may also be used to fashion white chess pieces - perhaps aptly so since the holly is a promise of defense. In addition, the holly is a traditional symbol of domestic bliss. 
Hyacinth Bloom


The hyacinth forms part of the Persian New Year's decorations and was once so popular that the Dutch cultivated more than 2000 different cultivars. It is a beautiful flower available in shades of blue, purple, red, pink, white and yellow, however care should be taken with the meanings of these flowers when sent as a gift. Legend has it that Hyacinth was once a divine hero, much loved by Apollo. Whilst throwing the discus upon a day Apollo decided to impress his strength and skill upon Hyacinth by throwing the discus as far as he could. Hyacinth in turn wished to demonstrate his speed by catching the discus. Unfortunately Hyacinth died when he caught the discus. From his blood Apollo created the hyacinth flower which, until this day, is seen as Apollo's flower. In terms of general floral meaning, the hyacinth represents games and sports as well as rashness. 
Hydrangea Blossom


Native to southern and eastern Asia as well as North and South America the hydrangea could make the perfect addition to a bouquet with its numerous colors and many beautiful small flowers. Those who receive it will note that their understanding is appreciated. However, although the hydrangea may be used to convey a message of thanks, it also symbolizes rigidity and heartlessness. 
Iris Flower


In Greek its name means 'rainbow' which can be attributed to the many colors of its species. Yet we know the iris flower more commonly as the stylized emblem of the Fleur-de-lis, a symbol which adorned many a coats of arms and flags and are symbolic of the French settlers in Canada. In terms of floral meaning the iris represents a number of virtues among which faith, hope, valor and wisdom are the most prominent. In addition it serves to extend compliments from the sender toward the recipient and can also be used to embody an appreciation of friendship. 
Ivy Branch


These lush green plants are added to bouquets to accentuate the colors of flowers and also to communicate certain messages to the recipient. Among these messages are fidelity, friendship and affection as well as wedded love. 
Jonquil Flower


Also known as the Daffodil and the Narcissus, these beautiful flowers make the perfect addition to any bouquet for those who wish to request the love or affection of the recipient. In addition the broad floral meaning of the jonquil iterates desire and conveys sympathy toward the recipient for those days when life just seems to get too much. 
Kalanchoe Plant


The Kalanchoe is a plant that is better known from the old world, but still grows today. This is a flowering plant that is more of shrub and doesn’t generally get any taller than about 3 feet. You will find that this flower has very bright green leaves and has flowers that are a very bright purple color and are smaller than most flowers. 
Kangaroo Paw Flower

Kangaroo Paw

The Kangaroo Paw is a flower that is native to the Australian region, hence the name that was determined for it. This is a very unique flower and the shape of it is really what gives it the name Kangaroo Paw. You will find that with the kangaroo paw you get a flower that is actually shaped like the paw of a kangaroo which is something that is very unique. 
Larkspur Flower


Also known as 'lark's heel' according to Shakespeare, lark's claw and knight's spur, these star-shaped flowers are poisonous when consumed and, should the dose be large enough, even cause death. Perhaps that's why its floral meaning is fickleness and may make the ideal bouquet addition for those who are difficult to live with (though one might want to attach a note stating "Do not eat!". 
Lily Stem


A beautiful flower that makes the perfect addition to the most glorious bouquets, lilies are in fact herbs, which mean that they are edible (although some species are apparently quite bitter). The Chinese cultivate certain species of these herbs as a luxury health food which, during warm summer months, help them to cool down. 
Lily of the Valley Bunch

Lily Of The Valley

The Lily of the Valley will steal the heart of the recipient with ease. Its floral meaning is wide and varied and points to sweetness and humility as well as the return to happiness (for all those couples who've just gone through a difficult time). In addition, the Lily of the Valley conveys a message of "I am incomplete without you" and has the religious symbolism as the tears of the Virgin Mary. Beautiful as the flower may be in any bouquet, a fair measure of caution is advised as all parts of the beautiful plant are poisonous. More about Lily Of the Valley...
Magnolia Blossom


It is said that the magnolia is an ancient genus, with fossilized specimens found dating back more than 20 million years ago. The genus, Magnolia, was named after Pierre Magnol by Charles Plumier in 1703. The magnolia is the floral representation of nobility. 
Marigold Flower


Derived from the name 'Mary's Gold' in association with the Virgin Mary, the marigold was regarded as a flower of the dead in pre-Hispanic Mexico and is still used in the Day of the Dead celebrations. As to the floral meanings of this popular bouquet flower, one may note the associations with its historic use as it represents grief as well as cruelty and jealousy. 
Mistletoe Flower


We all know the mistletoe and at some point in our lives, hope to 'accidentally' meet our heart's desire under the mistletoe for that very first kiss toward true love. Interestingly enough, the custom originated in Scandinavia. As is quite obvious, one of the floral meanings for mistletoe is the impassioned plea "kiss me". In addition, the mistletoe is a sign of affection and also one to encourage boldness in times of difficulties. And for those travelling to India, just take note that they regard the mistletoe as a sacred plant. 
Monkshood Flower


Also known as aconite, Devil's helmet, leopard's bane, women's bane, wolfs bane or blue rocket, the monkshood is said to have been used by Medea in an attempt to poison Theseus. It is therefore quite obvious that the recipient of this poisonous plant should take it as a message that advises caution for a deadly foe may be near. 


The moss is a soft small plant which we all know from our excursions into nature as that grows as a soft green carpet. What many people may not know, however, is that there are more than 12,000 species of moss. In terms of floral meaning, these little plants indicate charity and are the symbol for maternal love. 
Myrtle Branch


The myrtle is a plant rich in myth as it was said that it was sacred to both Aphrodite and Demeter. Equally, in Roman mythology the plant was sacred to Venus. Little wonder then that the myrtle is symbolic of love and also the Hebrew symbol for marriage. 
Narcissus Bloom


Also known as the daffodil and the jonquil, the narcissus plant is believed to have spring up after a man of the same name fell into the river and drowned whilst admiring his own image. A different version of the tale suggests that the Narcissus did not fall into the river, but spent weeks at the river's side admiring his own reflection. He was in fact so taken with his own image that he forgot to eat and eventually starved. In both cases, the beautiful narcissus flower we know today sprung up on the spot where the young gent met his end. In terms of floral meaning, this plant embodies the spirit of the young man, that is to say, egotism. It is also a symbol of formality and a message to a loved on to say "Stay as sweet". 


Nasturtium, meaning 'nose-twister', is an edible flower most often used as an ornamental salad ingredient. Yet refrain from consumption before sending it to a loved one as this is the flower of heroes. The floral symbolism of this flower indicates a conquest and victory and battle. 
Oleander Bloom


Used widely as an ornamental plant, the beautiful oleander flower is often used in bouquets due to its extreme beauty. Yet be warned, this flower is highly toxic and even just a small amount may have very undesired effects. It is then perhaps suited that its floral meaning is "caution!".
Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom

It is the state flower of the U.S. state, Florida and was a historical sign of good fortune. Today still, the orange blossom is used in bridal bouquets as it is the floral embodiment of marriage and fertility as well as eternal love. In addition, the orange blossom may also be used to represent innocence. 
Orange Mock

Orange Mock

As a genus with more than 60 different species, the orange mock represents a simple yet beautiful little flower that will make an excellent addition to any bouquet. Yet do not throw caution to the wind as this little flower's floral meaning is 'deceit'. 
Orchid Blossom


Orchids represent the largest family of flowering plants which are said to have 880 genera and perhaps as much as 25,000 different species. That's approximately four times the amount of mammals on planet earth and more than two and a half the number of bird species on the planet. For floral meaning, one need look no further than love, which could therefore be interpreted that love is indeed all around. The orchid also represents beauty and could be used to represent feminine beauty. It is also a symbol of refinement and the Chinese symbol for a family of many children. 

Palm Leaves

No introduction necessary here as we've all seen palm leaves before; well, at least on postcards featuring tropical beaches and pearly white sands. Palm leaves represent victory and success and can be used for both formal and informal occasions as part of the decorative arrangement in a bouquet of flowers. 

Peony Flower


Once again we have a flower shrouded in the myth and mystery of the Greek. It is said the name of the peony comes from the Greek, Paean, who was a student of the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius. He was, however, so adept at his science that his master soon became jealous of him. To protect Paean from his master's wrath, Zeus saved the student by turning him into the peony flower. Its floral meaning points toward shame; however it is also used to signify a happy marriage as well as a happy life. 
Petunia Flower


We all know the name Petunia, if not as Harry Potter's aunt, then at least as a flower. Many may find it interesting to know that the petunia flower is in the same botanical family as the tomato, potato, and tobacco plants. Sending someone petunias in a bouquet will communicate messages of anger and resentment and, in sharp contrast, one that says "Just being with you is soothing". 
Pine Branch


As one of the most important commercial tree species, the pine is a valued timber wood and famous for its wood pulp. Along with the fir tree, pines are also used as Christmas trees. As part of a floral arrangement, the leaves of the pine represent hope for those going through challenging times and may also be interpreted as sincere pity. 


The Poinsettia is a flower that is well known for appearing around Christmas time. This is a flower that is associated with the Christmas season. The Poinsettia is generally a plant that has some dark leaves that will actually turn to a whiter color and has flowers that are bright red and really stand out. The Poinsettia is the perfect holiday flower. 
Poppy Flower


The poppy is generally regarded as the symbol for the heroes fallen in World War I and has been adopted by The Royal British Legion in their poppy appeal. Throughout history the poppy flower was used to symbolize both sleep and death - the former due to the opium drug extracted from it, and the latter due to its blood red color. The poppy is also used to represent oblivion as well as imagination. 
Primrose Bloom


As an edible plant, the primrose, or English primrose, is said to have a similar taste to lettuce. Tea can be made from the leaves of this flower and primrose wine from young flowers. The floral meaning of this flower is short and sweet and only has one thing to say: "I can't live without you". 

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace is a very unique flower that is actually better known as a wild carrot. This flower is something that is a biennial plant and has a very unique look to it. At the top of the stem of the flower, there is generally a cluster of very small white flowers. This is a flowering plant that can be eaten. 


The rose is a flower praised and valued for its magnificent beauty since times immemorial. It is the traditional symbol of love and beauty and has been sacred to numerous goddesses, among them Isis and Aphrodite. Also a symbol of the Virgin Mary, the early Christians related the five petals of the rose with the five wounds Jesus Christ suffered on the cross. 


The rosebud is simply the bud of a rose, it is a beautiful thing that people love to have and to give to people. Since the rose is the definition of beauty and love, this is a flower that people desire and it is one of the most popular flowers that people are going to purchase to give to people today. Rosebuds can also be grown and a lot of them are so that they are prevalent in yards and other places throughout the world. This is a flower that is highly sought after and definitely something that you want to be checking out. 
Smilax Leaves


Also known as catbriers, greenbriers and prickly-ivies, the smilax is a flowering climbing plant found in the tropics and subtropics across the globe. Receive either the flower or the leaves of this lush green plant, and you'll know that the sender wishes to convey a symbolic message of loveliness. 


When properly squeezed, this flower resembles a dragon opening and closing its mouth, hence the name 'snapdragon'. As to its floral meaning, the snapdragon may either convey an idea which states "Gracious Lady" or be a sign of deception. 


Solidago is a flower that is better known as Goldenrod or Solidaster. The Solidago is a very unique flower that grows in some pretty random areas. You will find that this plant is a taller plant and at the top of it, there is a cluster of very small flowers. Solidago generally comes in a bright yellow color that really stands out. 
Spider Flower

Spider Flower

The spider flower refers to a number of different species in the genus Grevillea, all of which are native to New South Wales in Australia. For those daring lovers out there, this beautiful flower puts love first and says "Elope with me!". 
Stephanotis Blooms


The flowers of the stephanotis are a popular addition to bridal bouquets and therefore carry the meaning of happiness in marriage. And for those with wanderlust, the stephanotis indicates a desire to travel. 
Stock Flower


Named after Pietro Andrea Mattioli, the more formal name of the stock is mathiola. Receiving this beautiful flower on its own or as a part of an arrangement in a bouquet indicates the floral meaning "Bonds of Affection" and may also represent promptness. In terms of love, the stock flower only has one thing on its mind: "You will always be beautiful to me". 


The Sunflower is one of the most common flowers that is out there. This flower is something that people know and love and something that is unique. The Sunflower can have a huge stalk that leads to a large flower at the end of it. There are many uses for the Sunflower aside from being a decorative flower, learn more about what you can do with it. 
Sweetpea Flower


Our knowledge and fondness of the sweetpea flower is largely attributed to one man, Henry Eckford who developed this flower into the form that blossomed into the popular Victorian era ornamental flower. Widely regarded for its showy flower and sweet scent, this plant should not be eaten as it contains a neurotoxin. In terms of floral symbolism, the sweetpea symbolizes departure and sends a message of "many thanks for an enjoyable time". It is also the floral embodiment of blissful pleasure. 


It is the floral representation of Holland, gaining its name from the Ottoman Turkish word 'tülbend' which meant 'muslin' and 'gauze'. Strangely enough, the English word 'turban' also has the same origins. And in terms of floral meaning, the tulip will let the recipient know that the sender thinks he or she is the perfect lover. 


Also known as pansies or heartsease, the violet is one of the few flowers with an elusive scent. And yes, we do mean elusive as there are a number of violet species with a chemical component in their scent called ionone which temporarily inhibits the function of the receptors in the nose. This naturally means that no further scent can be gained from these flowers. In terms of the general meaning of violets, they represent the floral meaning of modesty. 
Zinnia Flower


Native to South America, the name for these flowers are derived from the name of German botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn and is favored by gardeners due to their ability to attract butterflies. 



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